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A Review of Golden Boy (Broadway)

By Jack H., January 11, 2013

  • Acting
    5 stars
  • Direction
    4 stars
  • Overall
    4 stars
  • Production
    4 stars
  • Story
    5 stars
  • Writing
    5 stars

I saw Golden Boy (Broadway) on 01/09/13. Overall, I'd say it was a 4-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “it is an ambitious revival”

I sat in the center mezzanine area of the theater. The view was clear and the seats were cramped.

Very well acted. There was one technical snafu with the sets on the day we saw the show which resulted in an additional intemission. All of the actors in the large cast were superb. It lost a little for me in that the star could not actually play the violin so it was staged off-stage a bit clumsily and a little convaluted and could have been staged differently?? Had Joe been off stage and been playing as the girl arrived at the apartment?? I dont know, all I was thinking was "oh, he can't play" rather than isn't that a beautiful gift he has. I dont know how this compared to the original play. The set decorations and costumes were interesting (aside from the technical issue) and period.

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